Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hearing is in 3 days

So after numerous meetings with my financial planner I finally have everything solidified, wrapped up in a nifty legal envelope and ready to take back to the hearing on Friday.  Now I just have to wait 3 days to get there.... ugh.  I'm so not a fan of waiting.

The cell phone is officially dead, gotta go back to the Verizon store and see what they can do for me but I'm putting it off because of this new Droid thing they're advertising the crap out of.  I figure if I've gotta get a new phone might at least wait until the latest/greatest is out right?

Full of all kinds of meh today, not feeling sick but just kinda out of it.  I think I need to get healthy again, maybe spend a couple nights just hanging out at home instead of our partying until 3-4am like I have been since Saturday.  A little rest and relaxation might just be up my alley.


  1. I like your blog it is very interesting reading. Attorneys and things like this can be such a hassle... Fortunately I have an assistant to handle most of these things. I connected to you through another blog. It looks like we started blogging at about the same time. Keep going you have nice content.

  2. Good luck molly.. I hope everything goes in your favor on friday.. ill keep my fingers crossed for you.. ty for the card you sent. ur too cute. i wanna eat u up..lol well ill be talking to u again soon.take care sexy girl.. kiss