Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Got home from the party about an hour ago, long story short it was mainly a bust.  There were just too many people in one crowded little loft apartment and there was barely room to talk much less sit down and get into an actual discussion with someone.  I did snap a bunch of sexy pics with my blackberry, but it ended up in the sink at one point during the night.  I took it apart and have splayed it out on the counter in the kitchen hoping it dries up but we'll see.

The costume was a success, the top wasn't as see through as they suggested.  The super girl logo conveniently covered the nipple area.  The rest of it was see through, but it was really no more risqué than a micro bikini.

In other news, I got Verizon to switch my cell phone number yesterday.  Also cancelled my home telephone service, so hopefully that puts an end to her shenanigans.  Gonna try and pass out now.  G'night people!

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