Friday, October 30, 2009


You ever have one of those days where it seems the stars are all aligned against you?  Now string 3-4 of those together...  I hate to be all doom and gloom and I'm certainly not looking for a pity party, but I'm just so sick of being pulled in 90 different directions.  Sean's wife keeps calling at all hours and I talked to Verizon support mid-morning yesterday but they couldn't get me another 310 number and I'm so not a 323 kinda girl.  I need to just go down and visit their retail store and see what they can do for me.

After being up 30+ hours from Wednesday morning I was finally able to fall asleep yesterday afternoon, I was watching Adam Sandler and Chris Farley movies all yesterday afternoon trying to laugh a little and lighten my mood.  I passed out sometime during Tommy Boy because when I woke up this morning the intro was stuck in it's perpetual loop.  If I never have to hear him sing "fat guy in a little coat" again it'll be just fine by me.

I'm heading to meet with the financial planner this afternoon, I don't go see the judge again until next Friday but want to have a firm grasp on my plan.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Schwarzenegger's obscene letter

Intentional or not, this is just too funny...  check out the letter California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sent to his political opponent concerning *ahem* a veto and a certain four letter expletive.

Super girl!

I'm heading to a Halloween party Saturday that could very well get out of hand and didn't want to risk destroying my Kissing Booth costume from last year.  With that in mind I stopped in a party store this afternoon and picked up this little number.  I paid a little more than they have it online but I waited until 3 days before to decide what to do so it's too late to order it.  Oh well.

Includes: Dress/Belt/Cape, Boot tops.  The sweet girl at the store recommended gluing the boot tops to a pair of heels so nobody would notice the boots aren't all one piece so I ran by my favorite little thrift store and bought a $9 pair of stripper heels with a thick red base!

Only problem I can see is that the top is almost see-through, but the party is being hosted by the same guys I was with before, so I don't really see that as an issue!  Should be a blast, there are supposed to be upwards of 100 people there so I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Math rocks!

Woah! Too cool!  Absolutely brilliant, not sure who has time to figure this out though.

Baby Mamma drama

Don't get it twisted.... I'm not preggers....  but after the discovery of the lying cheating bastard, his wife has apparently gotten my cell and home phone numbers from his phone and has been calling me 5-6 times a day leaving very nasty voice mails.  They're bordering on threatening, and I don't think I can go to the police yet but it's enough to make me think about call blocking or getting my numbers changed anyway.  Getting obscene phone calls at 8 in the morning when I've been out until the better part of 4am is not exactly what I call a pleasant wake up call.

My Antonio

So thanks to Maegan for mentioning My Antonio a couple weeks ago, I've been completely obsessed with the show ever since.  Oh Emm Gee... His dimples are just orgasmic...  And watching the women fawn all over him while they vie for his affections is just hilarious, between the catfights back at the suite and his ex wife showing up to the penultimate dinner in a wedding gown it's literally a laugh riot.  If you haven't seen it yet you can watch full episodes online here.

Anyway, back to the original point I wanted to make, I just finished watching the final episode I have to say WHAT IN THE HELL?

The last two episodes were cut to make it look like Miranda had the upper hand, and crazy psycho Brooke brings up a "contract" in her final little chat with Antonio and still wins? Ummmmm, huh???  I feel gypped...  I certainly hope we get to see them "date" during season 2.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday

Had a busy week, between the boyfriend asshole last weekend and hearing Monday I honestly felt like I was being bombarded on all sides.  After speaking with several financial planners and meeting with two of them this week I finally decided which one to use and have turned over all the necessary files to him.  I've asked him to come up with at least three scenarios considering I'm likely to have to sell off something in order to settle the accounts.  The interesting one will be the mortgage, they've already told me they would refinance the remainder of the loan under my name but during the hearing  they showed up and wanted the remaining $600k balance on the account.

Heading to the spa shortly, then maybe some shopping with friends this afternoon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reason #8 why Dad should have had a will....

So the trial to determine what to do with Dad's estate was yesterday and I vastly underestimated the number of vultures that crawled out of the woodwork with potential claims to the money.  I had assumed that since he didn't have a will, all that would be required would be the death certificate along with my birth certificate and a copy of the missing persons report he filled with LA County PD in 1987 for my mother.


The small courtroom was packed, lawyers for American Express, Bank of America, Chase, Citi, and JP Morgan were present to try and dig their claws into what they thought was their share of the pie.  I got copies of all their outstanding balances and am to meet with the judge again on November 6th to make a settlement offer.  At least now I have legal access to his accounts and can figure out exactly how much capital we're talking about.

Anyone know a good financial planner in the Greater Los Angeles area??

Friday, October 16, 2009

Men suck... HARD!

Went to dinner with Sean last night, we had a teeny-weenie little fight (what about, I really don't remember) and he left saying he need to go home and relax after a busy week, but he left his wallet so I followed him home. When he drove into his garage I parked just behind him in the driveway. He just started shouting "why I was here... how I know where he lives... what the fuck is going on, etc..." I handed him his wallet, hugged his neck, told him he left it on the table and started kissing him when a very bright light comes on and his wife and 2 kids opened the front door...... I just stopped... I couldn't believe it... This is way I haven't see his house, this is why he never wanted to stay over at my place, this is why I was never allowed to call him after 7pm... He pushed me away and ran to the front door, she slapped him and put the kids into the house, yelled at him for a couple minutes and then came after me. I got up off the driveway and got back in my car and was driving away while she was hitting the car and running after me in the street. I'm just numb....

So tired.....

Got home about 6 hours ago, tired but not quite ready to sleep.  Stayed up for a couple hours until about 6am and finally crawled into bed.  It's now 9:30 and I've had enough...   Actually, let me back up a little...

So Sunday evening I decided to take the week off just from sheer exhaustion...   I've done 3 photo shoots in the last 10 days and decided I could use a little R&R...  Since Wednesday I have argued constantly with Dad's lawyers about a myriad of issues, discovered my asshole of a boyfriend was a two-timing piece of dogshit, and had my car broken into... twice!   Now the lawyer's are calling me back to argue some more...  No, not today.. today I don't have time for any of you idiots....  I'm going back to sleep.....

Worst week ever?  No, but it's certainly getting up there.  Turning the phone off, turning the computer off, and going to sleep.  I have a meeting scheduled for 9am Monday to go over Dad's financial affairs in court, I very may well sleep till then.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloween Costumes

I know everyone's on a big kick to make your own Halloween costumes this year, but with the slumping economy also comes amazing deals.  Check out Bed Behavior's sale for instance.  They've got 18 sexy costumes for $20!

3 Wishes also has some amazing deals for under $20 with free shipping!!

Personally I still don't know what I'm going to be... I went as a kissing booth last year and I guess I could just re-use it or does that seem too tacky?  I used it for a party down in San Diego last year before I moved back home to LA, and after a nasty breakup with my ex I've got completely new friends, I don't think I've even shown them this costume yet.


What a Thursday night!

So after the spa yesterday afternoon I hit the mall for a couple hours with some friends and then went to the clubs. Many many drinks, many many hours later all girls went home... something about "work" I didn't understand really...

Left them and went to the Palms to hang out for a couple hours and ran into an awesome bi couple, both guys... They were both just so funny they had me laughing my ass off! We danced for a bit, found out they were a couple but both bi and looking for a sexy girl to play with.

Ohh la la!! I've never had two guys at the same time, sure! Let's go!

We head to their apartment (which was a dump by the way) one of them made some drinks while the other and I made out on their sofa. The first one got back and started getting naked so we didn't waste any more time. They took turns doing me from behind while I either made out with or sucked on the other one. I gave them handjobs while they made out for a little while, and then one of them did the other from behind while he ate me out.

We passed out on the floor after 3 hours of sweating and loving juices. I woke up this morning as the cream in a spooning Oreo, so sexy.. Mmmm! We exchanged numbers, laughed some more over breakfast then they went to go get ready for work so I headed home.

Now, this little slut has to go pass the eff out.

Night all! Muah!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Piano lessons

So several months ago I sat down at a piano for the first time in almost 10 years, excited to get the proverbial show on the road I called some piano teachers and just hired the first one that sounded like she knew what she was doing that met my price and schedule.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon where I get yelled at by this shrew of an old woman for not practicing my lessons when she's not here. I know I need to practice.. and I did some but I'm not trying to be a concerto pianist here... so I fired her.

Calling potential piano teachers and setting up interviews, would like someone more my mindset. I just want to learn to play well, and if they happen to be sexy and maybe be bi... well then that'd just rock my panties off, literally!!

Early bird gets the worm...

The good part about acting like a normal person and getting up in the mornings is the sales you can find online! Creepy folks at the clubs last night sent me home early, before midnight even!! So here I am sitting wide awake at 8 in the morning... when I came across this lovely pink number for $40, it's a steal!!

Anyway, loving covet's site, when you sign up an account you choose your sizes, what kind of stuff you'e interested in, what styles you like etc... They send you what start out as annoying emails with pictures of clothes, shoes, shirts, whatever you tell them to... You chose one of two icons for either love or hate, they keep the info and send you more choices tomorrow, and the next day and the next etc.. For the first two weeks I think I hated 90% of them but it's really starting to look up! I wanted to buy a cute LBD yesterday but it was out of stock by the time I got to it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

New layout

Messing around with new page design, move along...