Friday, October 9, 2009

What a Thursday night!

So after the spa yesterday afternoon I hit the mall for a couple hours with some friends and then went to the clubs. Many many drinks, many many hours later all girls went home... something about "work" I didn't understand really...

Left them and went to the Palms to hang out for a couple hours and ran into an awesome bi couple, both guys... They were both just so funny they had me laughing my ass off! We danced for a bit, found out they were a couple but both bi and looking for a sexy girl to play with.

Ohh la la!! I've never had two guys at the same time, sure! Let's go!

We head to their apartment (which was a dump by the way) one of them made some drinks while the other and I made out on their sofa. The first one got back and started getting naked so we didn't waste any more time. They took turns doing me from behind while I either made out with or sucked on the other one. I gave them handjobs while they made out for a little while, and then one of them did the other from behind while he ate me out.

We passed out on the floor after 3 hours of sweating and loving juices. I woke up this morning as the cream in a spooning Oreo, so sexy.. Mmmm! We exchanged numbers, laughed some more over breakfast then they went to go get ready for work so I headed home.

Now, this little slut has to go pass the eff out.

Night all! Muah!

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