Thursday, October 8, 2009

Early bird gets the worm...

The good part about acting like a normal person and getting up in the mornings is the sales you can find online! Creepy folks at the clubs last night sent me home early, before midnight even!! So here I am sitting wide awake at 8 in the morning... when I came across this lovely pink number for $40, it's a steal!!

Anyway, loving covet's site, when you sign up an account you choose your sizes, what kind of stuff you'e interested in, what styles you like etc... They send you what start out as annoying emails with pictures of clothes, shoes, shirts, whatever you tell them to... You chose one of two icons for either love or hate, they keep the info and send you more choices tomorrow, and the next day and the next etc.. For the first two weeks I think I hated 90% of them but it's really starting to look up! I wanted to buy a cute LBD yesterday but it was out of stock by the time I got to it.

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