Friday, October 16, 2009

Men suck... HARD!

Went to dinner with Sean last night, we had a teeny-weenie little fight (what about, I really don't remember) and he left saying he need to go home and relax after a busy week, but he left his wallet so I followed him home. When he drove into his garage I parked just behind him in the driveway. He just started shouting "why I was here... how I know where he lives... what the fuck is going on, etc..." I handed him his wallet, hugged his neck, told him he left it on the table and started kissing him when a very bright light comes on and his wife and 2 kids opened the front door...... I just stopped... I couldn't believe it... This is way I haven't see his house, this is why he never wanted to stay over at my place, this is why I was never allowed to call him after 7pm... He pushed me away and ran to the front door, she slapped him and put the kids into the house, yelled at him for a couple minutes and then came after me. I got up off the driveway and got back in my car and was driving away while she was hitting the car and running after me in the street. I'm just numb....

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